Writing Treasuring Notes

Master These Nine Messages to Admire, Encourage and Appreciate Your Loved Ones

How to Write Treasuring Notes to Family and Friends
Complimentary 90 Minute Workshop for Holy Mischief Fans

Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET

Your Message is Precious.

Would you like to write a message to your loved ones, family, and friends, that help them see your love for them?


A message that they will read, keep, and treasure – a priceless gift that they cannot buy in any store?


A message that will help them grow because of your words of admiration, encouragement, and appreciation?


A message that no one else can write or give – because it comes from your generous and good heart?


A message that helps your loved one feel confident, loved and valued by you?


Hi, my name is Dave Pipitone, founder of WritingTreasuringNotes.com.


What the Pandemic is Doing to Us.


One challenge of living through this coronavirus pandemic for families and friends who live apart is the isolation, loneliness, and separation.


The other challenge is for families who live together.


It is easy to get on each other’s nerves, being cooped up together, experiencing friction and tension in up close relationships.


Communications can get tense – or not happen at all.


And that’s happening not just in the family.


We are living in a period and society of increasing conflict and tension out in public.


Everyone is on a journey, even if right now we have to wear masks or social distance or avoid gathering in person with one another.


We are journeying through time – day after day, month after month, year after year.


We journey through different stages of life, from childhood through old age.


We are in this together on the journey of life. 


Life is a Journey of Love.


We need to show people we love them as we live each day at a time.


That’s where you come in.


Letting the people you love see your love is essential.


Where else will they get messages of being admired, encouraged, or appreciated if you don’t give these messages?


One way to show your love in a meaningful way is to write treasuring notes to your family and friends.


A treasuring note uses written words of affirmation in a short message of admiration, encouragement, and appreciation.


A treasuring note puts your love out in the open for your family and friends to read.


It’s like putting your heart on paper through the affirming words you write.


A treasuring note brings joy, peace, and love that only your good words can convey.


Three Personal Examples.


Here’s a note I wrote to my wife on our 38th wedding anniversary (I explain the note in the video above.)




Here’s an example of a note I wrote to my daughter when she was growing up. (I explain the note in the video above.)



Here’s an example of a note I wrote to my mother when she was in hospice and preparing for Heaven. (I explain the note in the video above.)


I have written hundreds of treasuring notes.


And you can, too, if you have the knowledge and the desire.


You can write treasuring notes to those in your family – a spouse, child, mother, father, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, and more.


The greatest thing we can do in life is to treasure God, ourselves, and others.


The Treasuring Note Writing Method.

I have developed a Six-Step Diamond Method for writing treasuring notes that have a lasting impact. 


I invite you to this explore this method in a complimentary two-hour online workshop, 


“Writing Treasuring Notes to Your Family and Friends.”


In the workshop, I will show you this easy-to-do Six-Step Diamond Method of writing treasuring notes.


Notes that will help your loved ones feel admired, encouraged, and appreciated.


You can attend the workshop through the convenience of your computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone.


This is a hands-on workshop.


You will write three treasuring notes to one person of your choosing.


A Walkthrough of the Workshop.


To start, we will set the framework by exploring the treasuring lessons of the Magi. 


You may have heard the story of the magi from the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible.


The magi studied the stars and discovered that a new king was born. They traveled to find the child and offer their gifts.


The story leaves us with four lessons that lead to a treasuring way of life.


Then, you will start with your first assignment in Step 1. 


I will give you a PDF worksheet that you can print out for the Six-Step Diamond Method. 


Since you will be writing three treasuring messages, you will need to print out three copies of the worksheet, one for each message.


In Step 1, you will choose one person – one loved one to write three treasuring notes to. 


Once you use the Diamond Method for this one person, you can use it for anyone you choose. 


In Step 2, you will examine the treasuring map and uncover three life moments of the one person you are writing notes to. 


You will write down three things that your loved one is experiencing so that you can write a note of support for those moments.


In Step 3, we’ll cover the Love Compass. 


Have you ever wondered if what you write will be appropriate and respectful to your loved one? 


When you use the Love Compass, you will go in the right direction to write a message that resonates with what is going on in your loved one’s life.


In the workshop, you’ll use this part of the worksheet to write down what you’ve heard, what you’ve observed, what you value, and the intention of why you want to write a treasuring note for that life moment.


In Step 4, you will find the treasures and gifts of your loved one. Everyone has three treasures – the treasure of being, the treasure of doing, and the treasure of relating. 


Many gifts come from those treasures.


Your assignment will be to write down one gift of your loved one for each life moment you chose. 


It’s easy to do, and I’ll walk you through this during the workshop.


In Step 5, you’ll learn nine different treasuring messages that you can write. 


You can write a message that admires your loved one.


You can write a message that encourages your loved one.


You can write a message that appreciates your loved one.


And, as a bonus, I’ll show you how to combine all three messages in one treasuring note.


Then, you’ll come to Step 6 – drafting your treasuring message.


I will explain the four core elements of a treasuring note and guide you to choosing your greeting, statement of value, and closing.


You will then have 25 minutes to practice writing three treasuring messages, one message for the Life Moments that you chose and wrote down in Step 2.


We will close the workshop with a Sharing and Question and Answer period so you can ask the questions you have about the process.


You will be ready to start writing to your family and friends using the Six-Step Diamond Method.


What You Will Gain by Taking This Workshop.


With what you learn, you will be able to write treasuring notes every day of the week and still not get bored or sound boring.


Writing treasuring notes can move the heart of your loved one who reads them.


Writing treasuring notes can move your heart, too.


One treasuring note is a start – the more you write, the stronger and deeper the bond of love you will build with your loved one.


Life is a journey of love.


The greatest thing we can do in life is to treasure God, treasure ourselves, and treasure others.


I’ve listed the details about the workshop on this page. 


If you’re interested and able to attend, please register using the form below. 


If the date and time don’t work for you, please fill out the Announcement List form. 


I’ll send you a schedule of upcoming workshops as soon as it is available.


You can be the hero to your family and friends by showing how much you care for them.


When you put your heart on paper, your family and friends can see it.


Then, they can read it – over and over again.


And they can save it – a priceless gift that no one can buy.


 Because a treasuring note is love from your heart.


Love is the only thing that lasts – and when you give love away, 


you get more back than you can imagine.


 Please register now for the live workshop or the announcement list.


I look forward to the privilege of serving you on your treasuring note journey.


God treasures you, and so do I.

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • Understand what treasuring notes are and why you must write them.
  • Create and use a treasuring map for your loved one.
  • Identify the core elements of treasuring notes.
  • Discover the 9 Treasuring messages you can write, the boost self-esteem, confidence and well-being.
  • Learn the mistakes in treasuring notes and how to avoid them.
  • Write a specific treasuring note during the workshop that you can share right away.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to write a concise, meaningful note of admiration, encouragement, and appreciation to the loved one of your choice.

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