Writing Treasuring Notes

Master These Nine Messages to Admire, Encourage and Appreciate Your Loved Ones


photo of Dave Pipitone, Writing Treasuring Notes.com

Welcome to Writing Treasuring Notes.com.

Hi, my name is Dave Pipitone.

I created this site to serve you in your personal communications to express your love in writing to your loved ones.

Here’s a little bit about me.

 Some of my roles in life’s journey are: husband, father, aspiring author and writer, Christian, Roman Catholic, lecturer and lector, and aspiring Hope Patch gardener.

Some of the things I like
I like spirituality, Jumble and jigsaw puzzles, reading, golfing, many types of music, stretching, learning, wisdom literature, and more.

Signature Songs
I experienced a literal flood of inspiration and musical expression right before the turn of the millennium. I wrote, produced and sang several songs that have expressed some of my deepest held beliefs.

You can learn more about them (and me) at these websites

Las Rosas de Maria

Song of Our Marriage (written for my wife)

Forever a Family (written for two moms adopting children and my wife – and more)

My aspiration to become a treasuring man, learning to live epiphany and help guide you toward a treasuring life.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing the treasuring journey of life with you.