Writing Treasuring Notes

Master These Nine Messages to Admire, Encourage and Appreciate Your Loved Ones

What this Website is About

This website provides you with resources write timely and inspiring messages to your loved ones.

These messages are called treasuring notes.

What is a Treasuring Note?

A treasuring note is a short message of admiration, encouragement, and/or appreciation handwritten by you to another person.

A treasuring message is written on a small card, four inches by six inches in size, that is easy to write and inspiring to read.

You write a message of care, support, encouragement, and love from your heart.

Why Write Treasuring Notes?

The stakes are high for your relationships. There is a lot of stress and negativity all around us and your loved ones are bombarded with it. 

Your loved ones can get sick, feel isolated, afraid, lonely, depressed, and even lose hope for living.

Here’s what  you can do when you write treasuring notes:

  1. Protect your loved one from stress, bad thoughts, isolation, depression, and loneliness.
  2. Help your loved one feel your support, care, and affirmation.
  3. Show your love in writing, where it can be read, re-read and kept as a sign of your love.
If you don’t do these three things, who will?

Who are Treasuring Notes For?

Anyone that you love and want to affirm, including:

  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your children
  • Your parents, grandparents, relatives
  • Your friends of all types
How Do You Know What Words to Write?

You choose your words based on what you perceive that your loved one needs to hear at the time.

We teach you a proven method on what to discover, what to say and when to say it.

What Can You Do Write Now!?

We offer a complimentary workshop on writing treasuring notes to your family and friends.

What you can do Write Now! is to enroll in this workshop.

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